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Sky+HD Cashback increase, free setup, free Sky+HD box and free £25 M&S gift voucher

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Sky+HD gives you access to the world of high definition (HD) – sharper pictures, brighter colours, richer contrasts and full Dolby Digital 5.1 sound through your HD Ready TV. Not only does the Sky+HD box provide access to the widest range of HD channels in the UK, it also allows you to pause, record and rewind live TV and record two programmes at once just like you can do with the Sky+ box. You can record up to 80 hours of standard definition TV or up to 30 hours of HD programmes with the Sky+ HD box. You can plan your week’s viewing ahead with the 7 Day TV guide and set recordings remotely via your mobile or a broadband connection with Sky Remote Record. You can also program your Sky+HD box to record an entire series of programmes so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to record next week’s episode.

- Access 34 HD channels, the UK’s biggest range of HD programming
- Pause, Record and Rewind live TV programmes
- Record up to 80 hours of standard definition digital TV and 30 hours of HD TV

The Sky+HD box is now Free along with the set-up (previously £30). The HD Pack costs an additional £10 month on top of your Sky TV subscription and is required for you to access the 34 HD channels. Please read the terms and conditions below.

Cashbacking are running an excellent offer throughout February. If you subscribe to Sky+HD as a Cashbacking member you’ll receive £35 Cashback from us, FREE broadband and FREE calls and Sky will also send you a £25 M&S voucher.

Sky+HD Cashback

Join Sky+HD now

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    Terms and conditions

“Free Sky+HD box for new and existing customers joining Sky+HD with Sky Movies from £36 a month for a year with £30 standard set up. Pre-registration may be required.

Broadband availability is subject to your location and speeds vary with location and line quality. Free Broadband with Sky Talk (otherwise £5pm). Broadband Everyday/Unlimited is £5/£10pm with Sky Talk (otherwise £10/15pm). Set-up fees may apply. Sky or BT line rental required.

#UK calls to 01, 02, 03 & 0870 numbers only (excludes Channel Islands, indirect and dial-up Internet access numbers and 070 numbers). Max price for other 08 numbers is 10ppm, with a max connection fee of 10p. Max price for 070 is 48ppm, with a max connection fee of 50p. Full tariff details at Sky.com/callpricing. ‘Free’ and ‘unlimited’ calls last up to an hour, then UK calls charged at 5.25ppm at any time of day and international calls at Sky Talk standard rates, or hang up and redial as often as you like. Unlimited international landline calls to 20 countries. Subject to Acceptable Use Policy.

Sky+HD box offer: Offer ends 28 December 2009.
Free Sky+HD box for new Sky TV customers taking Sky TV, Sky Movies Pack 1 or 2 and the HD Pack for 12 months. Offer also available to existing Sky TV customers joining Sky+HD with the HD Pack and taking a Sky TV package with Sky Movies Pack 1 or 2 for 12 months. Existing customers must also recommit to Sky TV for 12 months. Free Sky+HD box not available in conjunction with any other offer. If you do not take up this offer Sky+HD box costs £49 when you take the HD Pack and Sky TV and existing customers sign up to another 12 month minimum term for Sky TV. One free/£49 box per household and not available if you already have Sky HD/Sky+HD box or if you take a Sky+ box at the same time. Sky+HD box up to £199 if you are not eligible for discounted price (Sky TV and HD Pack subscriptions required). £10 pm for the HD Pack. HD channels received depend on your Sky TV package. Sky+ functionality requires a Sky+ subscription (free for Sky TV customers, or £10 pm) and two satellite feeds. Sky+HD can store an average of 30 hours of high definition and 80 hours of standard definition programmes. HD ready TV required. Luxe TV HD, Channel 4 HD and BBC HD are available without subscription. Channel 4 HD requires a viewing card.

Non-standard set-up may cost extra. Standard set-up of Sky+HD box with the HD Pack is £30 for new Sky TV customers (free if you join online), £60 for existing customers (£30 with a new Multiroom subscription and free with Multiroom if buying online). Standard set-up for a Sky+HD box without HD pack subscription is £30 for new Sky TV customers (free if you join online) and £60 for existing customers (£30 with a new Multiroom subscription).Sky Broadband set-up fees for existing Sky TV customers £60 for Base, £30 for Everyday & Connect or free for Unlimited.

Online Marks and Spencer voucher offer
Join Sky TV online by 17 December 2009 and we’ll send you a £50 Marks and Spencer voucher within 30 days of activating your viewing. Only available for new customers with their viewing card enabled by 17 January 2009. One voucher per household and only available when you join online. Marks and Spencer voucher is subject to separate terms and the offer is not available in conjunction with other offers.

Sky TV Subscription
Packages from £18-£48.50 per month (pm). Sky Box Office costs extra.

Free HD Pack offer
For existing Sky TV customers, we will credit £9.75 to your Sky account within 60 days of set-up if you complete your order for Sky+HD via sky.com or Sky Active.

Dolby Digital 5.1
Available on many programmes. Compatible home cinema system required.

Sky+ box £49 for new Sky TV customers. For existing Sky TV customers Sky+ box £149 (or £49 when taking a new Multiroom subscription). Existing customers need to sign up to another 12 month minimum term for Sky TV. One £49/£149 box per household and not available if you already have Sky+/SkyHD/Sky+HD box or if you take a Sky+HD box at the same time. Sky+ box up to £199 if you are not eligible for discounted price (Sky TV subscription required). Sky+ can store an average of 40 hours of programmes. Sky+ functionality requires a Sky+ subscription (free for Sky TV customers, or £9.75 pm) and two satellite feeds.

Sky Multiroom
£10 pm. Provides the same Sky TV channels as your main Sky TV subscription on a box in another room. You must subscribe to Sky TV throughout and an extra box is required for each Multiroom subscription. Each box you have must be connected to the same fixed telephone line at all times. To receive your HD subscription channels in another room, you’ll need another Sky+HD box and HD Pack subscription.

Sky Broadband
You must subscribe to your chosen Broadband product for 12 months. Monthly subscription providing you remain a Sky Talk subscriber: Base £0; Everyday £5; Unlimited £10 (otherwise £5, £10 or £15). Connect at £17 pm is available to customers outside our network area. Monthly usage caps: Base – 2GB; Everyday – 10GB; & subject to Traffic Management Policy. Maximum upload speed: Base –400Kb; Everyday –600Kb; Unlimited –1.3Mb; Speed you get depends on factors including distance from the exchange and line quality. See sky.com for more details and our Usage Policies. McAfee Security Free Trial: Base-3 months, Everyday-3 months, Unlimited-12 months, Connect-3 months, then £3 per month unless you let us know you no longer wish to subscribe

Sky Talk
12 month minimum term applies to new Sky Talk customers and to existing customers taking up Sky Talk Line Rental. Sky Talk is only available to Sky digital subscribers paying by Direct Debit/continuous credit card mandate. Calls only packages not available to BT line rental customers with BT Basics or if outgoing calls are barred. Compatible BT line required for Sky Talk line rental. Codes of Practice for sales and marketing and premium rate/NTS services can be found at sky.com/skytalk

Remote Record
Recording requests must be made at least 30 minutes before start of programme. Confirmation costs 25p. Mobile network charges apply. See Sky Active OR sky.com for full details.

Sky Anytime TV
Sky+ subscription & Sky+HD or recent Sky+ box required. Available programming will depend on your Sky TV subscription.

Sky Player
Price and availability of content depends on whether you are a Sky TV customer and the kind of subscription you have. PC with Microsoft Windows XP or Vista or Intel based Mac required. Sky Multiroom, Broadband Unlimited, or Sky Player subscription required for Live TV.Minimum 2Mb broadband connection recommended. Some programmes from live Sky TV channels are unavailable to show online (see skyplayer.sky.com).

Pre-registration required for existing customers due to exceptional demand. Once registered you will receive an indication of when you can complete your order. Your Sky box(es) must be connected to a fixed telephone line for 12 months. Sky+/Sky+HD box prices may vary if you live in a flat. You must get any consents required (e.g. landlord’s). Minimum Sky TV/Sky+/HD Pack/Multiroom subscriptions 12 months. You must be 18 years or over. Channels/programmes & prices subject to change. Prices shown apply to customers paying by Direct Debit. For continuous debit/credit card mandate, 50p monthly charge applies. Information only applies to residential customers in UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. Further terms apply. Calls cost 5p per minute (plus up to 9p connection fee) for BT customers. Calls from other providers may vary. Correct at 27 October 2009.”

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